Chaman Border closure, Tajir Ittehad starts wheel jam strike

Bilateral trade on Pak-Afghan border completely closed, the government of Pakistan announced the resumption of bilateral trade yesterday, the next day protesters closed the highway

P.N Report

Chaman:Protests continue against the closure of the Pak-Afghan border. The participants of the sit-in have also started a wheel jam strike due to which the bilateral trade on the Pak-Afghan border has come to a complete standstill. On the very next day, the participants of the sit-in organized by the All Parties Traders Union and Walghari Union closed the Pak-Afghan border international highway for all kinds of traffic.

The misunderstandings between the participants of the sit-in and the journalists were also cleared up. The delegation of journalists was led by Haji Abdul Ghani Attar and Haji Asghara Chakzai and Saeed Ali Achakzai, former president of Press Club Chaman. Allah Achakzai, Dilbar Khan, Zafar Pathan, Bilal Attar, Muhammad Ayaz Achakzai, Hazrat Ali Attar, Imran Achakzai, Imran Pashtun, Amanullah and a large number of journalists were present while a delegation of journalists participated in the ongoing sit-in. Assured cooperation.