Blasphemy in the name of blasphemy

Mazhar Azad

‏In Lahore, a security guard of a private security company killed his own fellow guard and Hafiz Quran as a result of an argument over alleged blasphemous material. The assassin, Jamaat-e-Ali, killed Muhammad Azam while he was asleep. On other hand In Gujranwala, a man killed a person who tried to stop him from listening Qawwali, calling him a blasphemer to saints.

‏Question raised that now the “security guards” who work to save the lives of the people are taking lives extrajudicially and the memorizers of the Qur’an are also being killed for blasphemy. The ulema are silent, the state is a silent spectator, the people are ignorant, those who spread religious hatred are free and as a result the people are killing each other.

‏It is a pity and a dangerous practice that the decision of the perpetrator of blasphemy can be made by any common man whether it is based on truth or it is due to his anger or personal problems. When wielding a sword instead of an argument becomes a requirement of honor and faith, then it will happen and it can take an even more dangerous situation. An entire generation has grown up hearing this and is not ready to hear something else especially opposite to what it has already listen and understood. The state-sponsored fire that the state-sponsored Maulvis has started is now about to reach their own homes.

‏The thing is that it is illegal in Islam as well as in the law of the country to kill anyone extrajudicially, because the accused has been given the right to defend himself by the Shariah a along with the Constitution. It is the duty of the court to prove the guilt of the accused and it is the job of the court of law to punish the accused. Youth are not getting this point because they have been told by some mischievous elements that the state acquits all the accused even though even today more than eighty people are languishing in jails on these charges out of which forty are facing life imprisonment or death penalty. Even if the court is not making correct and timely decisions, no one has the right to punish the people by taking the law into their own hands and becoming the court itself. The consequences of such acts are in front of everyone that extrajudicial killings are taking place every day and this practice may go to even more dangerous level.

‏The man killed in Peshawar was a Qadiani or a madman claiming to be a prophet, but the boy who killed him was a Muslim and the lawyer who gave him the pistol was also a Muslim. In a case in which the state was already prosecuting an accused, he would have been acquitted if found guilty and convicted, but now in this case two young Muslims are in jail and both of them may be punished. In yesterday’s incident, at Lahore the victim and killer both were muslims. The victim was killed although he was memoriser of the Qur’an, while the killer is a fugitive and if caught, he could be sentenced to death or life imprisonment. The lives of four Muslims were ruined in these two incidents only by justifying extrajudicial killings in the name of blasphemy. But how can one make them understand that it is not your job to accuse someone and kill him, both according to the law and sharia. It’s surprising that those who tell them that It is also illegal in the law and Sharia to kill people like this are labelled as against the religion, but those who motivate them and incite them to kill their Muslim brothers are the benefactors of the religion.

‏False accusation of being ordered by the Prophet to kill and to be given a pistol by him is a blasphemy itself. This also shows that our believers are more interested in killing than the end of the practice is blasphemy because the real blasphemy was committed by the killer Khalid.

‏If this series of killings in the name of blasphemy continues like this and extrajudicial killings become the norm, then tomorrow, God willing, any opposing person will accuse and kill you, your brothers and relatives or even your acquaintances. The danger is that blasphemy and the end of prophethood are used for personal gain and there are many examples of this. Recently, when a man was arrested in front of the Parliament House in Islamabad for a crime, he started chanting “Long live the end of prophethood”, meaning that something as sacred as the end of prophethood has been used for his own benefit.

‏It is also important to understand that if a Maulvi incites you to kill someone because of blasphemy or in any other case, you must take a pistol and hand it over to him. You should also tell that a person has committed blasphemy and since you are the biggest champion of the religion, so please do the killing of blasphemer with your blessed hands. If you do this then maybe he will explain to you the real and peaceful essence of religion, law and sharia instead of inciting you to kill.

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