Baloch, Pashtun students protest outside Punjab University against abolition of scholarships and reduction of quota

Students of Balochistan and FATA are protesting outside gate number one of Punjab University Lahore. Students said thst the recent university administration has decided to end scholarships for students from Balochistan and FATA, which has increased the educational exploitation of students from these backward areas. Students arched that  the current university administration is discriminating against students in FATA and Balochistan. Student leader Riaz Khan said that two years ago the university administration had issued terrorism leaflets on Pashtun students under 7ATA. Despite resolving the issues, the university administration has not dismissed the FIR till date It is learned that this FIR will not be dismissed as long as he resides in Lahore. He said that the administration and the police were blackmailing the students for raising their voice on the basis of this FIR and many students were being harassed individually.

Waqas Khan, chairman of the Pashtun Council Punjab University, said the lack of internet in Balochistan and FATA had already hampered our education and left us behind other students. He said that hostels for students belonging to backward areas should be reopened immediately and the hostel closed for seven months due to corona should not be charged. The protesters said that the university administration was treating them like stepchildren and that they were doing so in support of a religious student organization.

Muzammil Khan, a student leader and convener of the Student Action Committee Pakistan, told that students have been forced to protest for legitimate demands. Their sit-in will not last for a few hours but will continue till their demands are met. The students appealed to the Governor of Punjab and the elected representatives of their constituencies to support them. He said that the sit-in was being held in all major government universities of Punjab against the reduction of scholarships and quota. Students of FATA and Balochistan are also holding sit-ins at Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan and Islamia University Bahawalpur to demand their basic rights but the government and administration are not ready to listen