Asim Bajwa conspired in Balochistan, ‘State above the State’ is the root of problems: Nawaz Sharif

Addressing the all-party conference, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the root of all Pakistan’s problems is “state above the state”. He said that representative governments are not allowed to come in Pakistan and even if a government comes, another parallel government is formed with it.

In his address, Nawaz Sharif said that this parallel government was far more powerful than the original representative government. “I remember once former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani used the word ‘state within a state’. I would call it “state upon state.”

Nawaz Sharif said that respecting the vote is the most important slogan of Pakistan because the biggest problem here is that representative governments do not come to power. In the 2018 elections, many seats were rigged in such a way that if it had not been done, the present government would never have come to power. This government drowned the economy. GDP growth at 5.8% turned negative. 12 million people have lost their jobs. Due to unrepresentative government, India dared to occupy Kashmir. And we couldn’t even protest. Leaving the world, he could not persuade his friends to join him. Shah Mehmood Qureshi angered the friends of Pakistan through his statements.

Addressing the gathering, Nawaz Sharif said that NAB was an institution created by a dictator, it was our mistake not to abolish it but we never thought that it could be used in this way. Members of the opposition are locked up in false cases.

A vicious conspiracy was hatched before the 2018 Senate elections. Through this conspiracy, the government of Balochistan was overthrown. The main reason was to manage the Senate elections. Behind this conspiracy was Asim Saleem Bajwa, whose family business spans the globe. No JIT was formed, no hearing was held, no monitoring judge sat, the media fell silent.He Added

Imran Khan, who used to make big claims of not giving NRO, gave him a clean chit in an instant. It was first mentioned in the media when Asim Saleem Bajwa gave his defense on Twitter.

Talking about Dawn leaks, Nawaz Sharif said that a subordinate government official gave the title of Rejected to the statement issued from the Prime Minister’s Office. He remembers everything.

Nawaz Sharif said that our struggle is not against Imran Khan but against those who brought him. Our aim is that Pakistan’s forces do not interfere in the elected governments, do not enter the Prime Minister’s House by climbing the walls at the request of anyone, I have seen these scenes, and it is very sad. I have witnessed all these scenes myself.

Nawaz Sharif said that whatever the APC decides, PML-N will fully support it and will abide by it.