Archeological Site Of Takht Bhai

Zafar Iqbal Ganjiwal

Our region of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa once known as Gandhara the center of Buddhism. Takht bhai holds an important place in this region. The archeological sites of takht bhai has been of great value to Buddhists and even today too they flock to visit takht bhai to find peace of mind.

Takht bhai archeological site is considered one of the most oldest sites in the world. This site is located in the east of the takht bhai city at the distance of 5km from takht bhai flyover. Its height is 150 m above the see level. It consists of Buddhists monastery, place of worship, basements and stupas. According to archeologists it was a great seminary and shrine build during the age of kanihka. Various gatherings and ceremonies were held to expand the religious activities of Buddhism. Due to these activities Buddhism spread from Gandhara to China, Japan, magnolia, Malyshia, Indoneshia and other countries.

According to experts, university was established here, where student from remote areas used to come and study Buddhism. Every year people from this country and thousand of foreign tourists visit this archeological site of takht bhai and are amazed to see this enchanting place, the magnificent building with rounded arches for lamps. All are the proof of talent and artistic skills of the people of that time. Its walls built just with fine stones is a testament to their great skill.

Due to religious status of Takht Bhai archeological sites, Buddhists pilgrims come in group every year to perform their religious rites. These include visitors from Japan, Malyshia, indonishia, Nepal, China, Thailand, Tibet Mangolia etc. The government of Japan renovated these archeological sites few years ago under the auspice of UNESCO.

The antiquities of takht bhai which included stone idols, statues and hand mills etc have been transferred at different time by government to museum of Taxila, Peshawar and Mardan. People come to these museum to see these antiquities. The archeological sites of takht bhai are included in the world heritage science but very little attention is given to it. If proper attention is paid to it, there will be no other place in the world that is more beautiful and enchanting.

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