Another Ahmadi Mehboob Khan killed in Peshawar due to religious hatred

Another Ahmadi was shot dead by unknown individuals in Peshawar on Sunday morning. He was 82 years old. Mehboob Khan was a resident of Sheikh Mohammadi village near Peshawar and had recently taken up residence in Peshawar. The deceased was on his way to visit his daughter living in his village Sheikh Mohammadi and was waiting for a bus at Khanan bus stop Sheikh Mohammadi to return from there when he was shot dead by some unknown persons.

This is the fourth attack on Ahmadis in Peshawar in recent days on the basis of religion. Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya spokesman Saleemuddin strongly condemned the brutal assassination of Mehboob Khan and termed the incident as a result of religious hatred. He said that Ahmadis were being harassed and their lives were being targeted in Pakistan in general and in Peshawar in particular due to differences of opinion which had intensified the sense of insecurity among Ahmadis and It seems that the government is deliberately neglecting to protect the lives and property of Ahmadis.

He said that the hate campaign against Ahmadis has intensified. The government’s continued disregard for hate speech has further strengthened the morale of the evil elements. The spokesman called on state institutions to take immediate and effective steps to protect Ahmadis and not to leave innocent and peaceful Ahmadis at the mercy of terrorists.