AKF and PPC reach six-point agreement

P.N Report

PESHAWAR: Al-Khidmat Foundation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President Khalid Waqas and General Secretary Imran Yousafzai Peshawar Press Club signed six-point agreement including free treatment of journalists.

Speaking at Meet the Press, president Alkhidmat Foundation KP, Khalid Waqas said that Alkhidmat Foundation has been striving against Corona since it’s appearance adding that has been targeting three areas including provision of food packages to deserving people, Corona health facilities and campaigns regarding creating awareness among general masses.

He said that Alkhidmat Foundation has been providing masks, soaps and sanitizers to public free cost.

He added that sans care for colour, creed, faith and belief Alkhidmat Foundation has been supporting the communities adding that along with hospitals the religious places of communities have been sprayed with disinfectants.

Khalid Waqas said that journalists have been fighting Corona and during the pandemic a number of journalists were infected.

He said that Alkhidmat Foundation has provided the facility of free antibodies test to the journalists’ community so that they may be able to donate plasma to other ailing persons.

He said that Alkhidmat Foundation has started 11 days campaign wherein officials, personnel and others of government and other offices will be provided facility of free antibodies tests adding that soon within a week time Alkhidmat will launch the facility of PCR.

He said that to give relief to general masses the Alkhidmat Hospital has been charging very low for tests as compared to other hospitals and labs adding that it charges 600 rupees for antibodies test while will charge Rs4000 for PCR.

Speaking of the agreement between Alkhidmat Foundation and Peshawar Press Club, Khalid Waqas said that under the agreement Peshawar Press Club journalists will be provided health facilities and treatment free of any cost at Khidmat Hospital.

He said that children of deceased and deserving journalists will enrolled in Orphans Family Support program and also will be given other benefits.

Khalid Waqas said that under Al-Falah Scholarships program scholarships will be given to the children of journalists from Intermediate to Higher Education.

Later, the president Alkhidmat Foundation KP Khalid Waqas and GS PPC signed the agreement.

Meanwhile, the health team of Alkhidmat Hospital took blood samples from 45 journalists for antibodies.