After the death of Saadat Khan from Coronavirus panic is created in the area because majority of the people of the village met him when he came back from Umra

Mohammad Riaz Mayar

MARDAN: On the directive of Deputy Commissioner Mardan local administration has completely sealed and declared Manga union council critical after a death of a patient of coronavirus who belong to Manga union council.

In this connection on Wednesday late night deputy commissioner Mohammad Abid Wazir issued a notification.

It was stated in the notification that due to the death of coronavirus patient at union council Manga whole of the union council Manga is declared critical, hence complete lock down of the union council Manga is ordered with immediate effect and their shall be no entry and no exit from the said union council.

Soon after the directives Mardan police totally sealed the main roads of union council Manga.

Talking to the News deputy commissioner Mohammad Abid Wazir said that the union council Manga was completely sealed.

He added that police has established check points on all routs of Manga union council.

He continued  that the people of union council Manga and religious scholars of the union council cooperate the district administration in offering of funeral prayer of the deceased.

He stated that the local religious scholars also issued a Fatwa in which they stated that the deceased was martyred and he will treat like a martyred.

He added that late night the deceased funeral prayer was offered and he was buried at his local graveyard.

Abid Wazir further said that 25 people who has close contact with the deceased were shifted to Mardan Medical Complex.

He arched  that the two other people in the same union council who came back from Saudi Arabia was also traced. 

He added that 20 to 30 teams included by doctors and other staff were preforming duty on the spot at union council Manga to search the suspected people.

He said that he is thankful for the cooperation of local people and religious scholar in this connection.

He added that we are trying our best to control it on the spot.

Meanwhile a resident of Manga union council said that on 9th March 2020, patient Saadat Khan resident of Muslimabad union council Manga arrived at Peshawar International Airport.

The villager said that Saadat Khan was accompanied by two of his friends named Alamzeb age 60-years and Kamal ud Din age 25years belong to the same village.

The villager said that all these three residence of Manga union council went on a visit to Saudi Arabia for Umrah.

The villagers added that after arriving at his home in Manga on 9th March 2020 the family of the patient Saadat Khan arranged a grand gathering at lunch where approximately all villagers and people belonging to different parts of the surrounding area attended the gathering and greeted the patient.

He stated that patient Saadat lives with his wife, three sons, two daughters in law, three daughters and four grandchildren, the villager said.

He said that patient Saadat lives in a neighborhood with his relatives in his native village and meets his relatives frequently and also visits their households.

The villager said that when the condition of patient Saadat Khan become worse on 16th March he was shifted to District Head Quarter (DHQ) hospital with complains of cough, fever and difficulty in breathing.

He added that at DHQ the doctor notified the case as suspected patient of COVID19.

further he said  that doctor collected nasopharyngeal swab for investigation and sent to NIH Islamabad through.

He added that on 18thMarch laboratory confirmed patient Saadat as confirmed case of COVID19.

He added that later on the patient was shifted to Mardan Medical Complex (MMC) where on Wednesday late night he died.

He arched that at midnight official of the security forces and administration brought his body in an ambulance to the village and offered his funeral prayer and buried him in the graveyard.

The villager claimed that the three patient has not been allegedly screened at any airport.

He added that due to the death of Saadat Khan panic is created in the area because majority of the people of the village met him when he came back from Umra.

He claimed that several residents of Manga were affected from coronavirus.

 He demanded the government to take proper and immediate steps in this connection and protect other people from this coronavirus.