ABC of Evolution: Part III

Mazhar Abbas Khan

Jurassic Period:

The age of the world is about four and a half billion years and in that period neither the environment of the world remained the same nor the living beings living on the world. Sometimes there were only microorganisms on the planet, sometimes giant dinosaurs with microorganisms and other creatures. The evolutionary process gave birth to new species of living things, and the existing species of living things became extinct.

This history of four and a half billion years is divided into different periods. One of these periods is called the Jurassic Period. The period from 201 million years ago to 145 million years ago is called the Jurassic Period. During this 56 million year period, large herbivorous dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus were at their peak.

Birds evolved during the same period as the dinosaurs called Theropods.
There were also small mammals living in the footsteps of the great dinosaurs of the Jurassic period. Those mammals did not know that after the extinction of the dinosaurs, a mammal, the Homo sapiens (modern man), will be able, on the basis of scientific knowledge, to discover an age which he has not seen with his own eyes.

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Kingdom Animalia:Organisms are divided into different groups based on similarities and differences. Similar creatures are placed in a group and then different groups are combined to form larger groups.
Here are the names of a few groups moving from small groups to large groups, Specie, Genus, Family, Order, Class, Phyllum and Kingdom.
For example, the scientific name of modern man is Homo sapiens. Homo is the genus of the present man, but the genus Homo does not include only the present man. The genus Homo includes Homo nianderthlensis, Homo erectus, etc.

Yes, other human species have become extinct, but the presence of their fossils is proof that they existed. Man’s order is primitive and at this level man is accompanied by chimpanzee and Gorrillas etc.

Animals that have hair or fur on their body, have three bones in their ears and have mammary glands in their females to feed their babies are called mammals and are classified as class mammalia. Man has all these qualities so man is mammal. Lions, dogs, cats, bears, bats, pigs, elephants, etc are all mammals, meaning that at the class level, man is like the animals described.In fact, man is also an animal.

Eukaryotic organisms (organisms that have nuclei in their cells) that are multicellular. Which get food from other living things, move from one place to another, reproduce through sexual reproduction and during their embryonic development they come to the stage of blastola (a hollow sphere of cells). They are called animals. Humans, fish, birds, reptiles, invertebrates (such as starfish, butterflies, scorpions, crabs and earthworms) are all animals.

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The smaller the different species of living things, the more similar they will be. In fact, they are categorized into smaller and closer groups because of the similarities. Like humans and chimpanzees exist in the same family,Hominina, but humans and starfish are numbered in the same kingdom, which is the largest group as compared to family. The reason is simple, humans and chimpanzees have a lot in common as compare to humans and starfish. And the reason for this similarity is the existence of common ancestors.

If we traceback a branch of a tree, we will see that this branch merges with another branch. That is, the two branches emerge from a common point. That joint branch originates from another major joint branch with other branches. Like tree branches, common ancestors form different species.The creatures that are kept in small groups have a lot in common and the reason for the more similarity is that in the recent past their ancestors were common.Like humans and chimpanzeesAnd the ancestors of species categorized together in large groups have shared similarities in the distant past, such as humans and starfish.

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