A student at Islamia College Peshawar applied for admission as a wrestler John Cena

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Fearing the spread of Covid 19 in Peshawar, Islamia College Peshawar earlier this year asked applicants to use the online admission portal to apply for next year’s courses.

Last week, social media users posted a screenshot on Twitter showing a list of admissions for a bachelor’s degree in a university science program, with the name of famous American wrestler and actor John Cena replacing the student’s name. Was listed. One of the biggest stars of the wrestling, Undertaker, was listed in the name box of John Cena’s father.

The screenshot triggered notes and jokes on Pakistani social media, with some users using jokes to point out flaws in the online application system. He said he had been trying for months to draw the attention of the university administration to the flaws in the system.

Calling the incident a joke, a director of admissions at Islamia College Peshawar said the list circulating on social media was not of admissions students but a temporary list of applicants. Any student who paid an online fee of Rs 100 could enter information in it.

But social media users kept joking despite this explanation. A Twitter user wrote with a picture of John Cena, “Goodbye America,” “I’m going to Islamia College Peshawar.”

Islamia College students also used a photo shop photo of John Cena in their campus photos.