50 targeted killings reported in North Waziristan this year

Dozens of targeted attacks and other incidents of insecurity have taken place in North Waziristan this year. As of December 24, there had been 46 targeted attacks in North Waziristan killing more than 55 leaders, landlords, youths and government officials.

The official number of targeted attacks in North Waziristan now stands at 29, but the actual number is 46, according to Mashal Radio. Last year, there were 51 targeted attacks, according to official figures.

Also in North Waziristan, according to official figures, there have been 57 militant attacks or clashes between militants and security forces, in which dozens of soldiers have been killed. Several militants were also killed during the clashes and in special operations, according to government officials.

A senior security official in North Waziristan told Mashal Radio some time ago that it had killed 95 militants in the past one year and was continuing its special operation against the militants. According to official figures in North Waziristan, 64 landmines have exploded in the past year, targeting security forces and killing dozens of soldiers.

Malik Gul Saleh Jan, a leader of Mirali Tehsil, told Mashal Radio that tribal leaders were targeted but there has been no investigation of such attacks. Malik Gul Saleh Jan said: “We regret that there is no punishment for those launching attacking against the tribal elders and officials. We’re too tired. We have left our homelands and passed time in IDPs camps but there is no relief when we return.”

North Waziristan police Chief Shafiullah Gandapur has repeatedly told Mashal Radio that they are investigating the attacks. Security officials have also repeatedly claimed to have cleared the area of militants and trying to prevent such targeted attacks. This year, as in the past, there have been sporadic protests, demonstrations and jirgas in the region, and the people have reiterated their demands for peace and security in their homeland.