18th-amendment, Let it remain intact !!

Hinna Yousafzai

The ongoing hot debate of 18th amendment has ripples the waves of hypocrisy among all political parties.

18th amendment is a hallmark of our constitutional and political history. There is no other event which can manifest such broad range consensus and political maturity.
It is a great product of big legal mind former senator, Raza Rabbani, which is comprises of 102 important articles that has made 1973 constitution more democratic.

Importantly, 18th amendment has redefined the 1973 constitution in favour of the federatig units(provinces). It gave “Provincial Autonomy” & has empowered federating units( provinces) both financially & administratively.
There’re other major significant points that favours public greatly. Like,
The insertion of Article 160 (3A) also required that the share of the provinces in each NFC award could not be less than the share given in the previous award. Moreover, it has increased the share of fiscal resources to the provinces to 57 percent, ( a hefty amount)

In a multi-ethnic and geographically as well as politically diverse country like, Pakistan, Provincial autonomy is the sine-qua-non for the political stability and economic progress.

The 18th amendment is a step in right direction and it can be strengthen further if the devolution of power is provided to Local government.
Unfortunately, the implementation of the 18th Amendment remains a challenge, requiring the federal government to make regular interventions in provincial affairs.The Province’s performances are questionable regarding policies (educational, health and infrastructure) and financial plans in particular.
We don’t see any direct and favourable impact in post-18th amendment era. Common man is the same in pre and post 18 amendment eras. Infact, the financial bankruptcy constantly ameliorate the disruptions among provincial institutions.

Wrapping up with a suggestion that the federation has to tackle this menace by taking some other efficacious measures, leaving the 18th amendment intact.
It’s implementation in a letter and spirit is a desideratum.

Author of this article Hinna Yousafzai Graduated in (major finance) you can reach her https://twitter.com/hinnaYousafxaii?s=12